Fun Area Rugs

Some Of The Fun And Cool Area Rugs To Own

Area rugs serve many functions in any home decoration. They make the house look beautiful and inviting. Apart from making a room feel warmer, the rugs also bring out the elegance and comfort of a place for your enjoyment and social gatherings. A home interior décor is not complete without area rugs.

There are many types of rugs on the market today. They come in many different designs and styles. Depending on the rugs’ fabric, they serve different purposes and are placed in different areas of the home. While others are meant to withstand high traffic, some are placed in fewer traffic areas like the bedside.

Below is a list of cool and fun rugs that you should acquire for your home:

  • Soft And Fluffy Rugs

These kinds of rugs feel very soft and comfortable on your feet. You need one of these in front of the fireplace, near your window, on the bedside or near your couch. Stepping on these rugs feels very comfortable and warm to your feet. Add one or two of these in your home.

  • Bamboo Rugs

This type of rug is mostly used in Asian countries. It is hard and durable. You can use it to perform your poolside activities or even yoga. Bamboo rugs are known to cool an area during the summer. It is more suitable for outdoor spaces.

  • Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are also commonly used in the Asian countries and are perfect for the summer season. These kinds of rugs can withstand heavy traffic because they do not wear quickly.

  • Funky Rugs

These are unique kind of rugs. If you are into unusual patterns and styles, you can shop for fashionable area rugs. Some may have designs representing rock stars, vampires, or aliens. You can have your collection of funky rugs at home that will make your visitors marvel.

  • Designer Rugs

If you do not mind digging deeper into your pockets, a designer rug is what you need. There is a variety of designer carpets to suit your preferences. You can even order one that is custom made. Kids have their share of designer rugs embedded with their favorite idols and cartoon characters.

  • Outdoor Rugs

Many outdoor spaces require outdoor rugs. You can adorn areas such as the balcony, the patio, or the terrace garden with beautiful outdoor rugs. Be sure to use mats meant for the outdoors for the sake of durability.

  • Kid’s Rugs

Kid’s rugs are an entirely different segment nowadays. They come with unique designs such as cartoon characters and teen idols. Others include numbers and alphabets. Girls can choose the Barbie-themed ones, while the boys have the race-car themes.

  • Themed Rugs

Some rugs are themed for similar occasions such as Valentines, Halloween, and Christmas. 

Whatever kind of decorating task you may have, you can never run short of the fun and exciting rugs available in the market.

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